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Here are a few examples of what we have produced

The new Village Hall in Horton was completed in 2009 and the annual Poems & Puds fundraising evening was a highly successful event. So much so they produced a book of local poems and pudding recipes by the villagers.


The Isle Valley News is a monthly which gives news and information (including church services) for the parishes of Ashill, Broadway, Donyatt, Horton, Isle Abbots, Isle Brewers and Ilton, (collectively known as The Eight Parishes.


We print over 800 copies every month.


We produced a print run of 250 copies for them which sold out!

Softcover books

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Debbie Roxburgh lives locally in Misterton, Somerset. She has been writing since she was 8 years old!


She writes illustrated books for children. Her titles include Speedy McCready, Jonas, Teacher's Pet and Wild Wedding.


We produced and printed these books and many more.

Jonah Isle Valley News Poems & Puds Speedy McCready